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Prosperian: We Make Online Companies Successful.




We build new ventures and also take-over existing businesses from online companies that are under-developed or not managed the way it should be.

We are respected industry experts and active entrepreneurs. We know the business. We are not investment bankers that base their investment decisions only on spreadsheets.

We are highly experienced in actively building and restructuring online businesses since 15 years. We mainly focus on models with a strong B2B aspect, especially marketplaces, directories and online booking services.

We are used to run operations and know how to build successful teams.

We only invest, if we truly understand the company’s business model. Even though we appoint a CEO we trust, we would still always be capable to run the business ourselves.

We roll up our sleeves to make our companies fly and to earn an attractive multiple for our investors.

What We Do



We build companies from scratch, take-over companies or carve-out valuable assets from companies into a NewCo, restructure and ramp it up again or speed up its growth. Our goal is to sell the company within 5 years after we have started to work on it.

We are investing our own money and raise funds from investors (high-networth-individuals or family offices) for each of the new ventures. We believe collecting money for concrete investment opportunities makes more sense for investors than raising money without knowing, if you will be able to strike interesting deals and deliver a substantial return.

We are actively seeking for new opportunities that are truly disruptive in its niche or that open up a window of opportunity to attack an existing company in a certain area with a much better product or service.

Please get in touch with us, if you want to offer a business to us or if you want to invest in one of our future ventures.

4 exits during the past 5 years

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